The Carmichael Inn, built in 1821, is one of the area’s oldest homes. Throughout its history, the two-story log building, which was originally owned by John Carmichael, served as a residence, stagecoach stop and railroad inn. It served as a stopping point for stage coach travelers from Nashville, Knoxville and Chattanooga.

In those days, guests would eat with the Carmichael family and then upon retiring for the night would sleep upstairs in one large room. It was not uncommon for guests to share a bed with others staying at the inn in those days.

The period room features a massive fireplace, which was used to heat the inn and also served as a stove of sorts, as all the cooking was done there too. The inn has a gable roof and two front and two rear doors and has a two-story porch that runs the length of the inn.

The Carmichael Inn currently hosts Soul Food Sunday on the second Sunday of each month with catering by Soul Elegance Catering. The Carmichael Inn is also available to rent for other events throughout the year.

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